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“Excellent. It takes a sharp eye (or not a bleary one at any rate) to spot the parking, but the service is great. Professional, friendly, great results and good value to boot…”

“Thank goodness for Michele! I feel so fortunate to attend her Foot Clinic after years of suffering with my feet. Michele is highly professional, extremely skilled, always courteous and friendly. Her Clinic is immaculate and hygienic. Thank you so much Michele for all you do for me. I enter your Clinic knowing I will feel as if I am walking on air when I leave.”

“I hobbled in and walked out. Fantastic service. Very professional people.”

“Had a persistent verruca on the outside of my toe which had not responded to various treatments. Michele tried a range of techniques which eventually got rid of it. So I can recommend the Foot Clinic for any type of treatment. Plenty of out of hour appointments are available and good text contacts as reminders. Very friendly and a very nice place. Great job”

“Michele is courteous, knowledgable, patient and on top of her subject. I had a stubborn verruca for many years which has gone after Michele’s determined treatment. She succeeded where others failed and I am delighted.”

“I was so pleased to find somewhere so close to sort out my naughty feet ! Always a warm welcome and excellent service.”

“This was my first appointment with Minchinhampton foot clinic, and I was very impressed by Michele Cole. She is a skilled professional practitioner, and offered me lots of pertinent advice concerning my foot conditions, whilst attending expertly to the issues at hand, or rather Foot …I would recommend Michele Cole to anyone looking for a local, professional foot clinician.”


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